11 March 2007

A very sick girl

Promises, promises, eh? I said that I'd be posting again soon, but guess what? I'm sick again. This time it's a bad case of strep throat. I started feeling ill on Wednesday night and only slept 3 hours due to aches and chills. I suspected that I had a fever and my throat was killing me but I went to work anyway since one of my co-educators was on vacation and I don't have any paid sick days left. Bad mistake...

I left work at noon with a fever of 102, severe throat pain and my whole body was aching. I went to the clinic on Friday morning because on Thursday afternoon I was too sick to move from my bed. Actually, I wasn't feeling much better on Friday morning, but didn't really have a choice, eh? So, I've been on antibiotics for three days now and I feel quite a bit better. I have to go back to work on Monday. Mendoksai. Damn, daycare is not for me. I am so over it. I must pick up at least 3 out of 5 viruses that sweep through that place on a regular basis.

I'm gonna go watch The Amazing Race now. Hopefully, I won't catch anything again for a long while (wishful thinking) and will be able to post again soon. Until next time...minasama kiotskete!

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