15 August 2011

Retail Therapy

On Saturday, I was on the 171 bus, on my way home from a long day's work, when I decided to just randomly get off the bus and wander! It was raining (it's actually been raining almost every day since I arrived) but I had an umbrella and it looked like an interesting area to explore, so I just did it. I ended up wandering the streets of Seoul for about three hours. I saw lots of interesting things but, I didn't have my camera on me, unfortunately.
However, I did, of course, have my wallet on me, so when I came across my favourite novelty shop in Korea, is was, I bought a couple of fun things. The first is pictured above. It's a "Chocolate Parody" travel coffee mug. I love it! I also bought a new sleep mask since the elastic on my old one was beginning to fray. As you can see, it's a froggie mask! I wonder... does this mean I'll now start dreaming of Roger instead of Simon? Nah, that'll never happen!

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