28 August 2013

Farewell Summer!

Inter-Dec College, Montreal
Things are going to get very hectic, very soon. The summer is coming to an end and in less than a week, I will be starting my full-time studies in Professional Photography at Inter-Dec College. Tomorrow, I'll be going in for orientation, where I will get my class schedule, obtain my Student ID, get a tour of the campus and be assigned a locker. It's been 12 years since I last pursued full-time studies. I graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2001. Oh, and I haven't had a locker since high school.

Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal
Another sign the summer is coming to an end is the return of the annual Montreal World Film Festival. Last Saturday, I saw a profoundly beautiful and touching Japanese film called Case of Kyoko, Case of Shuichi. Tomorrow night, I'll be seeing Dark Blood, the film that the remarkably talented River Phoenix was working on when he sadly passed away. On Saturday night, I'll be seeing a French film called La Vie Domestique. On Sunday, I'll be seeing an Italian film called A Five Star Life. Finally, on Monday, I'll be seeing an Australian/French film called Adore. I love attending the World Film Fest, as it's an opportunity to see films from across the globe. It's also an opportunity to meet some extremely interesting people -- patrons, filmmakers and actors alike.

My niece, Liana Paré
In addition to attending the Film Fest, I will be going to see my lovely niece Liana in Last One Standing's production of The House of Yes, in which she will be playing the role of Lesly. I'm very proud of my niece and always enjoy seeing her on the stage. This Saturday also happens to be her 22nd birthday, so she's very excited!

In related news, Liana will be studying Art History at my Alma Mater -- Concordia University -- beginning this autumn. So, it looks like I'm not the only one who's going back to school! The two of us are looking forward to meeting up for coffee between classes, as our school campuses are very close.

In other news, last week, I was delighted to spend time with my dear friends Mike & Miyuki and their three-year old son, Koa, who were visiting from Japan. I hadn't seen them since 2010 -- when Koa was just a few months old -- and it was so great catching up with them after all this time, but it was also a tad bittersweet. Unfortunately, all of my closest friends live far away. I'm not complaining, though. I am so grateful to have the most incredible friends a girl could ask for. Perhaps someday -- when I'm a famous photographer -- I'll be able to afford to take all my closest friends on a spectacular holiday. My first choice of destination is... Sri Lanka. I hope you're all okay with that. Emotion Smiley - Wink

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