05 December 2005


Well...it's been a while. You'll notice that my regular posting stopped when I started working at Montreal Playskool. I haven't even been working there for a whole month and I will be giving my notice tomorrow. In all honesty, I'm scared shitless at the reaction I'll get. I know that I will be letting both the administration and the kids down. However, I must do this...both for my health and my emotional well-being.

Last week, I went in to work from Monday to Wednesday, regardless of the fact that I was feeling rather sick. On Wednesday, my psychotic co-educator Tatiana fully laced into me and after two and a half weeks of being subject to her condescension and eratic behaviour, it was the final straw. The next day, I awoke feeling completely run-down and congested, not to mention repulsed at the thought of having to deal with Tatiana, so I decided to call in sick.

I got a call from Brenda, the daycare director who implored me to come in the following day for parent/teacher interviews. I told her that I would be there. I went to bed early, around 10:00pm, but at 5:00am, I was still completely awake due to a throbbing headache and earache and a sick feeling of what the day would be like meeting with the parents alongside my unsupportive co-teacher. I left a message on the daycare's answering service, saying that I'd be dropping off the 12 out of 24 report cards I was responsible for (each of which was a ridiculous 5 pages long) but that I wouldn't be able to come in to work.

After dropping off the report cards, I went to the clinic. I was diagnosed with a severe sinus and ear infection and given a prescription for antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray. I spent the weekend resting and of course, come Sunday night, I was tossing and turning all night once again. Still, I woke up, got ready for work and as I was about to leave, I suddenly felt very nauseous. I ran to the toilet and threw-up my entire breakfast. Once more, I called in sick.

This afternoon, I got a call from Nadia at Telelangues International, the language school that had offered me a part-time job just days before my interview at Montreal Playskool. It seems that they have an opening beginning 10th January and can offer me 15 hours a week to start. I was asked to go in for training next week. So, I will give my notice tomorrow, letting Brenda know that I am willing to complete this week. This means that I will be unemployed for a few weeks, which will be a financial strain, but as I've said, my health and emotional well-being are most important.

I have decided that I will never work at a daycare centre again! I had a similar experience at another daycare centre a few years ago. I worked there for two months, with an equally psychotic co-teacher and constant bouts of illness. Daycare is definitely not for me! It's not like teaching 2-3 hour preschool programs, which I did successfully for four years at the John A. Simms Community Centre. In my opinion, it's unnatural for children aged 1-5 to spend 11 hours a day at "school" and the profession seems to attract crazy people, not to mention these places are a breeding ground for all kinds of illnesses. This experience simply strengthens my views on Daycare Centres. If I ever have children of my own, they will never set foot in one!

So...that's all I have to say for now. Wish me luck in both resigning and completing this week, which will be hell on earth, I'm sure. Mata ne!

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