07 November 2005

Blustery Day

There was an intense storm in Montreal this evening, with strong winds and heavy rain that reminded me of the ol' typhoons back in Nakatsu! This storm was the result of the devastating tornado that ripped through Kentucky and Indiana early Sunday morning killing 22 people and injuring 200. Mother nature continues to freak me out!

Once again, I was busy uploading piccies to smugmug today. I managed to upload another 100 or so pics, including all of the most recent ones from Japan and yes...Christmas 2004! It's about time desho? I've still got over 150 pics to add to existing albums. I'll try to finish that tomorrow. After that, I'll start with the Egypt photos (over 300) and of course the ones I've taken since I've been back in Montreal. Then...I'll have to continue working on all the descriptions and captions as well. Hopefully, I'll be able to get everything done before I start working full-time, either this week or the following. It isn't easy when you're working on a computer that crashes, on average, five times a day...taihen desu ne!

BTW, don't be shy about leaving comments on this blog or on smugmug...or both! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I know that Candice, Laverne and Isa have been keeping up with all of my hard work, but...anybody else? I know that I've been neglecting my e-mail since I started this project and I apologise for that. I will catch up soon, I promise! I also realise that those of you with keitai e-mail are unable to see any of this, so here's a message for those of you fortunate enough to have internet access...please tell them (the keitai users) what they're missing! Arigatou!

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