20 January 2007

New Look

Today, I had my hair cut and coloured by Carole at Salon Blue Earth. I had been to that salon before, a few times before leaving for Japan, but the stylist who did my hair then has since left, so this was my first time with Carole. I'm really pleased with her, so I'll be going back! I needed a change, even though I'm trying to grow my hair long. I like the layers and I'm loving the colour!

I also bought myself some new, funky winter boots at Yellow and went to the cinema. I finally saw The Departed. It was fantastic, but I'm still not sure if I liked the ending. Last weekend I saw Children of Men, which totally blew me away. Next weekend I'm planning on seeing The Queen. I'm trying to get in the habit of seeing at least one film at the cinema a week, like I used to. It's one of my many 2007 resolutions, along with keeping this blog updated!

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Mike Musial said...

Dee-chan kawaii ne..itsumo! We miss you so much. Let's meet up soon.

Mike & Miyuki