15 January 2007

That white, cold stuff...

Okay, I realize that it's been an eternity. I won't bother making excuses about that.

If you're unaware, I should let you know that we have been experiencing an almost snowless winter here in Montreal, which is virtually unheard of. Not only did we have a Green Christmas, but we have had unseasonably high temperatures for most of the winter. You can't go anywhere without hearing people talking about their fears of Global Warming.

The kids in my class haven't had the chance to make a snowball yet this winter, let alone a snowman, so you could imagine my delight when I awoke this morning to snow! Of course, 20 centimeters later, when I found myself waiting an hour for a bus that is supposed to come every 20 minutes and my toes were frozen solid, I wasn't as delighted. But seriously, I'm thrilled about the snow and am looking forward to building a snowman with the kids tomorrow. A Montreal winter without snow...it just didn't feel right.

I just finished watching The Golden Globes and now it's time for bed. I will be posting again soon...I promise.

1 comment:

justine said...

Hey Deena!
Same thing here in Edmonton! No snow until...I got back from France.
Hope to see you in Montreal since I'm applying at McGill and Universite de Montreal for the Fall term.