16 September 2007


Congratulations to Isabelle and Rodger on their new addition! Oliver joined his siblings Remi, Daphne & Penelope on Thursday 13th September 2007, weighing in at an incredible 9 pounds 6 ounces! I am thrilled for the wonderful and ever-growing Phillips family and wish them much continued happiness!

In other news, yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I haven't posted in an eternity, but I was working (and partying) my ass off in the Swiss Alps, not to mention sharing two computers with like 150 people and barely having time to check my e-mail, let alone update the old blog. However...I'm back in Montreal (for now) and currently unemployed, so you can look forward to more regular posting habits...until I find a new fabulous job, that is.

I'm still addicted to Facebook (as are about 34 million others, I've heard) so, as long as I remain unemployed you will often be able to find me on there. I've added loads of new pics from my summer in Switzerland and my travels in Italy to the site. I made a lot of new friends at ISCM and was thrilled to be reunited with friends from the previous summer, even if it was only for a short time. I'm planning on going back next year...hopefully!

I've also recently joined a new Mod group started by none other than Marko and Sanjiv and have been catching up with old friends, which is great! My dear friend Laverne (who's been sending me loads of old pics, for which I'm deeply appreciative) is convinced that Facebook has forever changed our lives and is currently taking a course called Healing Through Art and has been working on some pieces she calls "Facebook" and "Healing through Facebook." All I can say is, since I've joined Facebook, I've been feeling very nostalgic and even my dreams have been affected by the memories now flooding my brain. Okay, I'm a little mental, I know. What else is new?

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