03 November 2007

I'm going to South Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I've been back in Montreal for two months and have still not managed to find any interesting or lucrative work opportunities. I have been looking for work outside the daycare spectrum, as I have become completely discouraged with daycare. In my humble opinion, it is a thankless job in the sense that daycare educators are underpaid and offered zero benefits (especially in Quebec) and although the kids are adorable and the parents appreciative, the negative aspects of daycare work far outweigh the positive ones. So...I have decided to eventually pursue graduate studies. However, I need to be able to fund this future project, so have decided to embark upon another overseas teaching adventure!

I have been busy researching jobs in South Korea and have come across a relatively new (first implemented in 2004) and exciting approach to language learning. The concept in question is the "Korean English Village," a government funded, English only campus where language teachers engage children in role-playing activities in simulated environments such as an imitation bank, hospital, train station, post office, etc. I think it's a very creative approach to language learning and the hands-on concept follows my philosophy of "learning through experience" as opposed to "mindless rote learning."

So...I decided to look for employment opportunities in one of these English Villages. I came across two job postings and applied to both on October 30th. Within less than an hour of sending out my CV via e-mail, I received e-mail responses from both agencies. Within 24 hrs, I had already had phone interviews with both recruiters. The first recruiter explained that the position that I had applied for was no longer available, but offered me several other teaching positions. The second recruiter was very impressed with my credentials and arranged an interview with a representative from the Korean Ministry of Education for November 1st. The following morning, I found out that I got the job! The position is at a new English Village opening in January 2008 in Gwacheon. I have already begun the visa application process. I will probably be leaving for Korea in December. This is all happening so fast...it feels a little surreal to me.

I am feeling very positive and am excited about this interesting opportunity. I'm looking forward to returning to Asia. Of course, I'm nervous as well, and I know that I will miss my family and friends. Saying "goodbye" is never easy. I'm also sad to say that I won't be attending ISCM this summer. I really feel that I need a change and I also have to think about my future. This job in Korea will not only provide me with what I hope will be an incredible experience, but the necessary funds to follow my future goals.

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Margie said...

Hi there ...

I am a South African and planning to go to the same English Village in January. Are you still there? Do you enjoy it??