06 November 2005

More smugmug updates...

Well, I've been busy again today! I've uploaded over 100 new photos to smugmug. Actually, some are new and some are old, since I'm updating all of my galleries. I hadn't realised just how much I'd been slacking. I actually still haven't uploaded my piccies from Christmas 2004, not to mention all of the missing pics from loads of existing galleries! Gomen nasai. Pretty pathetic, I know. That's why I'm starting from scratch and revising all the old galleries as well as creating new ones. So, keep checking back for updates onegaishimasu...

Oh yeah, and Laverne will be glad to know that I've added more captions, and yes, the Family category has been completely updated so you can now tell who's who. My, those kids have grown, haven't they? And...Isabelle will be pleased that I've put more piccies of myself up on smugmug...you're right, I'm usually behind the camera! I can always count on you two to pay attention to everything that I put online. Thanks!

Oh yeah, and Angie-dahhhling will be proud to know that I've been catching up on The OC! I'm well into season 3 and soon will have to start watching it when it's televised just like everybody else...rather than watching it on videotape!

Oyasumi nasai!

BTW...anyone hear from Atsushi yet? Chotto shinpai yo!

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